Welcome to National EMP Network

To engage and support self-defined emerging museum professionals

About Us

The National Emerging Museum Professionals Network envisions communities in which museum professionals make meaningful connections within and across backgrounds, disciplines, and institutions by:

  • providing leadership
  • responding to changing needs
  • enriching experiences
  • growing capabilities
  • sharing resources
  • advocating for the museum profession
  • connecting groups on a local and national level

Who is an EMP?

You might be asking yourself “Am I an Emerging Museum Professional?” And “how do you define ’emerging?'”

We find the word “emerging” is subjective and means different things to different people. It can not be defined by a length of time, level of education, title, or position. With constant advances and changes in the museum profession, one might consider themselves constantly “emerging” as they continually learn, grow, and develop new interests and skills. As long as you are looking to move onward and upward, you can consider yourself as “emerging,” even if you have been in the field 15 years.  If you are exactly where you want to be and aren’t seeking further advancement in your career, then you are no longer “emerging” and can now be considered an established professional.